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Diopsite Mineral Stone - Crystal
Diopsite Mineral Stone - Crystal
Diopsite Mineral Stone - Crystal
Diopsite Mineral Stone - Crystal

Diopside Healing Crystal

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Diopside is a Calcium Magnesium Silicate that belongs to the pyroxene group of minerals. It is an important rock forming mineral in igneous rocks, it also can be found in meteorites.

~ Improves intellect and encourages the desire to learn 🏫
~ Great at releasing trapped emotions 😢 beneficial for those who cannot show grief as it shows you there is nothing wrong in expressing your feelings and letting go 😭
~ Used for the treatment of physical trauma and to assist in regeneration after surgery, helpful for healing heart troubles, lungs, circulation, muscle aches, and in psychological disorders ❤️
~ Useful as a calmative especially to animals, pets, small children and the elderly 💆🏻‍♀️

An excellent stone for general healing. It works on physical healing, particularly where regeneration is needed, after surgery, severe illness or in healing from physical trauma. It is ideal to use on the heart to assist in healing from heart attack, heartbreak or other physical issues with the heart.

Teaching you the value of trust and forgiveness Diopsite Assists you in reconciling with anyone or anything that has hurt you in the past by gently pushing you toward making the initial move and moving on.

Each stone measures Approx 4-5 cm in length 

All pieces are unique and may differ from the image in the picture.

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