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Premium Frankincense Natural Resin Boswellia Sacra

Premium Frankincense Natural Resin Boswellia Sacra

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Frankincense (also called olibanum) derives from trees of the boswellia family that grow in dry regions of north-east Africa in often rocky, sandy soil and usually reach a maximum of 6m tall. There are a number of varieties of frankincense trees, each producing a slightly different resin with varying characteristics. The trees grow in a variety of odd looking shapes, making them distinctive and easy to spot. The resin is extracted by making a small shallow incision in the trunk collected by hand by local farmers in Somalia.

Frankincense resin is light coloured and yellowy and when burnt and produces a rich, dense fragrance. It is one of the best fragrances to burn to cleanse and clear a person or space as it can clear and refresh even the toughest of atmospheres.

Perfect to cleanse new homes or any area that has stagnant energy.   

To burn the resin as an incense you will need to have a heat source. Most people use a charcoal disc (available to purchase in our shop) these are designed specifically for this purpose. The disc should be placed inside a heat resistant container with earth inside if required to shield the strong heat. Once alight the resin can be spooned gently placed onto the charcoal and the resin becomes an incense and the delightful aromas are released. You can then add more resin as required.

Never leave unattended. Do not place container on a flammable surface. Always Keep away from children and pets and never ingest. Dispose of charcoal safely when cooled.

Available in 50g and 100g bags.

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