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Natural Undrilled Crystal Craft Chips Assorted

Natural Undrilled Crystal Craft Chips Assorted

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Our natural, undrilled crystal chips come in a variety of genuine crystals.

Perfect for using in jewellery/crafting/elixirs/Art projects etc.

Available in 50g & 100g bags - Each stone measures approximately 3mm-10mm 

Choose from:

Moss Agate - A stone of new beginnings. Refreshes the soul, enabling one to see beauty in all you behold. Great at reducing sensitivity to weather & environmental pollutants. Attracts abundance in wealth, improving self-esteem.

Amethyst - A natural tranquiliser, relieves stress & strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear & anxiety. Alleviates sadness, grief, dissolving negativity.

Aventurine - A stone of Grounding, it’s high vibration energy brings feelings of emotional balance, stability & calm. It is said to be a stone of fertility, giving a beautiful sense of being.

Carnelian - Restores vitality & motivation, stimulating creativity. Thought to give courage, promote positive life choices, dispels apathy & motivates for success.

Citrine - With the virtues of self-healing, inspiration & self-improvement. Carrying the power of the sun, excellent for overcoming depression, fears & phobias.

Hematite - Protects & absorbs any negative energies in your home or on one's being. Also connected with the root chakra, great for grounding & stabilizing.

Red Jasper - Said to increase emotional stamina, self confidence, self-trust, emotional protection, courage, balance, calm & relaxation. Red Jasper can also be used for increasing memory of dreams and increasing sexual vibrancy

Labradorite - A powerful crystal for protection, It creates a shield of energy & strengthens the natural energies of your aura. Protecting against negative energies & bad luck. 

Lapis Lazuli - Aids in quick releasing stress to bring one a deeper feeling of peace. A loyal stone bringing loyalty, wisdom & honour.    

Moonstone - Helps to calm stress & avoid overreaction. Brings sensitivity, enhances feminine energy, intuition & psychic abilities. Brings energies of abundance to one's life. 

Rainbow Moonstone - A stone for new beginnings & inner growth. Soothes emotional instability & stress, stabilising the emotions, providing calmness. Great at helping to enhance intuition, promoting inspiration, success & good fortune in love & business matters.

Clear Rock Quartz - A popular and versatile healing stone of all of the crystals. It is the most powerful healing stone thought to be able to work on any condition. Known as the stone of power, amplifying any energy or intention. Said to protect against negativity, connecting you to your higher self.

White Quartz - Holds and amplifies intention, while also diffusing an aura of tranquility, calm, and peace into one's energy field and space. A sweet stone for places of healing, White Quartz supports the clearing of energetic stagnation, and physical, emotional, and mental balance.

Rose Quartz - The love & healing vibrations help replace toxic emotions & blockages that clog the heart chakra, replacing with the energy of love. 

Tigers Eye - Helps to release fear & anxiety, aiding harmony & balance. It stimulates taking action in decision making. 

Tourmaline (Black) - known as a premier talisman of protection, a psychic shield deflecting & dispelling negative energies, entities, or destructive forces. It guards against radiation & environmental pollutants.

Assorted Mixed Crystals - A mixture of assorted genuine crystal chips.

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