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Calcite Clear Crystal Rhomb Piece

Calcite Clear Crystal Rhomb Piece

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A Calcite Rhomb is also called Rhombus Calcite, Rhomboid Calcite, Optical Calcite or Iceland Spar. It's a type of pure transparent calcite which displays double refraction.  This means that anything viewed through a sample appears doubled.  It also exhibits perfect rhombohedral cleavage – if broken, the pieces are usually the same rhombus shape as the original piece.

Calcite is a powerful cleanser, a good mineral to have around you to help clear stagnant energies from any environment.

It is also thought to remove sick or stagnant energies from within the body. An active crystal, speeding up your personal, and spiritual growth development.

Each piece will come with a crystal meaning card and wrapped in tissue paper ready to receive.

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