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Polished Tumblestone Gemstones N-Z

Polished Tumblestone Gemstones N-Z

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A selection of beautiful high quality tumbled gemstones in 2-3 cm and 3-4cm sizes.

All stones are individually wrapped with tissue paper and crystal meaning card.

Available in the following gemstone options:

Petrified Wood: Helps with mental longevity. Having the ability to soothe emotions, generate calm and dispel stress. A healing and grounding stone that fills you with feelings of security.

Pyrite (Fools Gold):Traditionally, Pyrite is known as a stone of luck and fortune, helping to attract abundance, wealth and prosperity to the user via its creative energies of manifestation and its encouragement of following one's dreams.

Clear Quartz: A popular and versatile healing stone of all the crystals. It is the most powerful healing stone thought to be able to work on any condition. It is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention.

Rose Quartz: Helps to promote self love, friendship, feelings of peace.

Smoky Quartz: Helps to disperse fear, lifts depression and negativity. It brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety.

Selenite Sphere: Selenite is a calming stone that instils deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. It assists judgement and insight. It clears confusion and aids in seeing the deeper picture. 

Sodalite: Encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition, along with verbalisation of feelings. It brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks. Enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust.

Tiger's Eye: A powerful stone that helps you to release fear and anxiety, aiding harmony and balance. It stimulates taking action, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding, unclouded by your emotions. 

Unakite: A stone of balance, grounding the self while bringing emotions and spirituality together.

All stones are wrapped in tissue paper with crystal meaning card.

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