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Crystal Gemstone Pet Collar Clip On Charm

Crystal Gemstone Pet Collar Clip On Charm

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Handmade by myself, these cute crystal gemstone polished heart collar charms for your furry friend(s)!! 

Crystals are known to channel and transmit the vibrational energy from the earth of their extraction and they are a valuable healing tool in holistic medicine and energy healing treatments, as they can work and transform the energy around them.

Crystal healing charms can be helpful in healing your furry friends, keeping their energy turned into flow. Like us humans, animals also have chakras throughout their bodies that can be in or out of balance.

Choose from a selection of crystal gemstone variants;

Blue Goldstone - Uplifting Said to promote vitality, giving a positive attitude. Great for pets with joint issues.

Rose Quartz - Love Known as the crystal of love, thought to enhance togetherness. Great to help when introducing new pets.

Green Aventurine - Purification A versatile healing stone that can help to assist any pet who is facing weakness or disease.  A great all round healer.

Tiger's Eye  - Protecting A great stone thought to help weak or sick pets. A stone of luck creating courage and confidence. Helps pets become patient, focused, determined and alert.

Dalmatian Jasper - Healing Helps pets recovering from previous mistreatment or abuse. Encourage grounding with earth and reality. Assists with calming, training and healing pets.

Lapis Lazuli - Clarity Helps to eliminate confusion and emotional blockages. Could be beneficial for rescue pets who have suffered trauma.

Unakite - Balancing Having a gentle but powerful energy with the power to balance and soothe your pet's energy. Helps with separation anxiety.

Amethyst - Calming Helps to relax and calm reducing anxiety and panic. Great for pets with Separation and hyperactivity.

Each charm is presented on display card and wrapped in tissue paper ready to receive.

Any information provided by is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment, advice, or diagnosis. Please continue with any medical treatment prescribed for you or your pet by a healthcare professional.

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