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Crystal Point Wand Rounded End

Crystal Point Wand Rounded End

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These high quality polished, faceted, Crystal Pointed wands have a rounded end which is used to direct the energies of the crystal into the aura or chakras.

Crystal Wands can also channel other energies such as Reiki through them by an Energy Healer. The rounded end can also be used to draw off negative energies. Although they are mostly used for healing work these are also a perfect size to hold during meditation. 

Available in - 

Amethyst - An extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. It blocks mental stress and negative energies. Amethyst also has strong healing and cleansing powers, enhancing spiritual awareness. 

Orange Calcite - Helps to integrate the spiritual realm with the physical body, enhances creativity,  helpful when working with emotional issues. Use Orange Calcite to energize and cleanse the lower chakras. Works especially well with the Sacral Chakra to enhance will and remove depression.

Rainbow Fluorite - An attractive, highly protective and stabilising stone, useful for grounding and harmonising spiritual energy. It helps to heal scars physically and emotionally, clears negative energy from any environment and brings cleansing, renewal and a spring-like freshness to the chakras. It inspires new ideas, originality and quick thinking.

Brecciated Jasper - Thought to provide mental clarity and focus. The uplifting stone may help to increase organization and decrease stress. Jaspers in general have been viewed as symbolizing the variety that is the Earth, and all the balance and grounding that implies.

Lepidolite - A “stone of transition” Lepidolite assists in the release and reorganisation of old behavioural and psychological patterns, gently inducing change. It brings deep emotional healing, soothing and reducing stress and depression and is great at dissipating negativity.

Rose Quartz - Opens the heart, teaching the true meaning of love, brings deep healing and self love. This lovely pink stone has a calming, reassuring quality that also makes it ideal to use for traumas or crisis. 

Opalite - A manmade stone, Opalite is an all-round healing stone. It enhances sexual experience and encourages sexual prowess. Said to stabilise mood swings and helping to overcome tiredness. Emotionally, Opalite helps by assisting during transitions of all kinds. It is also believed to alleviate depression, soothe frayed nerves and help us to step away from anxiety. Brings inner peace and a sense of calm in any situation.

Black Obsidian - Forms a shield against negativity. It blocks psychic attack & helps absorb negative energies from the environment. Draws out mental stress & tension. Stimulates growth on all levels, urging exploration of the unknown & opening new horizons.

Dalmatian Jasper - Reconnects us with our playful nature, it balances Yin and Yang and aligns the Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies with the etheric realm. It is helpful in overcoming depression, nightmares and negative thinking.

Aventurine - A stone of Grounding, it’s high vibration energy brings feelings of emotional balance, stability & calm. It is said to be a stone of fertility, giving a beautiful sense of being.

Sold by the piece, each piece measures Approx - L x 6cm x W x 1.8cm 

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