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Crystals for Abundance & Success Gift Set

Crystals for Abundance & Success Gift Set

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Manifest your dreams with our specially selected eight piece polished tumble stone Crystal set, this has been put together, bringing crystals that are said to attract money, bring Abundance & Success 💷 💰

Abundance crystals are the perfect tools to help tap into one’s dreams, manifesting them into reality. The Universe provides the resources needed to do this. Ask and you shall receive. This is the time to finally break free of a poor mindset, letting riches flow in.

Each set includes a 2-3cm polished tumble stone of:

Aventurine – Known as the stone of opportunity, helps one release old habits & patterns that are not benefiting you. Helps one maintain energy & a positive outlook in difficult times.

Citrine – Known as the “money stone”, one of the most powerful crystals for manifesting abundance & prosperity. Thought to activate one's imagination as well as giving you the drive to see your ideas through.

Pyrite – Increases confidence, assertiveness, creativity & will to create the life you want. A beautiful stone that helps to support one on your journey to following dreams & goals.

Tiger’s Eye – An excellent stone to Increase personal wealth, boost money flow, create more opportunities for growth & expansion.

Clear Quartz - Not only does it offer clarity & clear thoughts it has the power to amplify your intentions.

African Jade – An uplifting & caring stone, giving support in times of need, A talisman of good luck.

Rose Quartz - What’s prosperity without a little love? A dreamy reminder that abundance & wealth isn't all about what lines your pockets but it’s also about how full your heart is.

Carnelian - Creative, energetic, & forever ready to inject a little zest into one's life, A stone about abundance, knowing exactly how to whip one into shape, making sure that vitality, vivaciousness & a can-do attitude will carry far.

Presented in cute baby blue cardboard box with shredded tissue paper, Organza bag, crystal cleansing guide and crystal meaning card, wrapped ready to receive 💝

As stones are natural their appearance may differ from the pictures.

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