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Crystals for Exams & Studying Gift Set

Crystals for Exams & Studying Gift Set

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Our crystals for Exams & Studying makes the perfect companion to help one stay calm & stress free, bringing Clarity & focus during the challenging times of learning.

Each set comprises of one of the following 2-3cm tumblestones: 

Amazonite – A wonderful crystal that promotes relaxation, allowing one to work harder without the large amounts of stress, yields a Zen feeling, getting one through stressful study sessions.

Tiger’s Eye – Helps to filter out mental distractions, great for researching information & staying focused.

Fluorite – Known as the genius stone, great for focusing when studying allowing ones mind to open up to new ideas. An effective stone for students, improving focus, better memory, removing mental blocks.

Clear Quartz – Great for mental focus & clarity, helping to Amplify other crystals too.

Aventurine – The stone for physical tension & stressful situations. Encourages perseverance in manoeuvring life's obstacles. The stone of success & luck 

Sodalite – Eliminates mental confusion, encouraging rational thinking. Helps diminish writer's block by opening up new communication channels within. A stone of the intellect, used to enhance the clarity of thought, concentration, & focus. 

Amethyst – Great for developing peaceful thoughts making this a great choice for stress relief. Helps focus one’s mind, allowing staying centred. When studying, having this crystal nearby will help concentration on the task in hand.

Hematite - Helps to dissolve negativity, encouraging one to learn from mistakes. If you’re easily caught up in the negativity from others, Keeping one grounded in the moment.

Presented in cardboard gift box with crystal information & cleansing guide, pretty organza bag, wrapped ready to receive 💝

As Crystals are natural, appearance and shape can differ from in the photos.

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