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Crystals to Assist Grief & Sadness Gift Set

Crystals to Assist Grief & Sadness Gift Set

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This seven stone polished tumblestone crystal gift set has been specially created to help assist during difficult times.

Our gift set includes one of the following 2-3cm tumblestones.

Amethyst - A stone to help soothe anxiety and panic, creating calming energies that reduce stress, providing peace, patience and comfort.

Lepidolite - A stone of courage and calm, helping to reduce stress when levels are high. Prevents overthinking during difficult times, balancing the body, letting go of anger, stimulating focus and creating a positive mental wellbeing.

Smoky Quartz - Helps to disperse fear, releasing anger, bringing optimism for the future. Clarifies challenging situations, enhancing intuition. A stone for lifting depression and negativity, promoting positive self-awareness.

Rose Quartz - A stone of the heart, providing love and forgiveness. Helps to heal and balance emotions, restoring trust, forgiveness and harmony. Encourages self-love and compassion.

Carnelian - Calms and balances energy, releasing frustration and anger. Banishes emotional negativity, replacing with a love of life. A stabilising stone thought to restore vitality, motivation and endurance, bringing courage.

Bloodstone - Promotes emotional stability during times of heartbreak and loss of a loved one, bringing courage and strength. Heals broken hearts, thought to be a farewell symbol when mourning absence.

Selenite - An amazing natural cleanser, helping one to focus in the beauty, warmth and divine grace of life that surrounds us.

These stones are all presented individually wrapped in tissue paper (colours may vary) in a light Blue cardboard gift box with crystal information sheet, crystal cleansing guide and pretty organza bag. This set makes a great gift ready to receive 💝

As stones are natural their appearance may differ from in the pictures.

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